Lexel S.R.L is an Argentine company dedicated to the Production, investigation, development and Sale in the health area. It was founded in 1990 since them become in one of the company leader of the Argentinean market.
Lexel have a plant where elaborate their products who meet the most high standard of quality. We are certified in ISO9001;2000, ISO13485;200

Lexel have been work at the medical device fields since 1991 and in the In Vitro field since 2008. We design and develop medical devices technologies for specific markets like Oncology (Safety Huber needle, Implanted ports for chemotherapy Bone Marrow biopsy and Aspiration needles), Obesity (Gastric Band for morbid obesity, Intra gastric Balloon for overweight reduction) & In vitro (cytogenetic test to mark DNA anomalies who show different diseases Example : Breast Cancer, Leukemia’s or In vitro fecundation pre-implantation and post implantation of genetic diseases as the down syndrome or autism ) .Applying new technologies, improving the ones already on market to give a differential in our product against our competitors. Actually the company have been develop two new projects a new breast Implant with easy implantation and a device to reduce the weight and the diabetes class II implanted by endoscopy. The company has been working the last 10 years under ISO9001.2008, ISO13485.2003, GMP standards and all their products have CE mark approval. Our main markets are Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Europe and Middle East.

Dispositivos Medicos
Implanted Port Titanium-Port Class III Design dossier
Huber needle Poly-Port Class IIB Technical File
Lexel Gastric Band Class IIB technical File
Lexel Intragstric Balloon Lexbal Class IIB Technical File
Bone Marrow Biopsy And Aspiration Needles Class IIA Technical File